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Innova GStar Colossus Factory Second

Innova GStar Colossus Factory Second

SKU: 16210002
$14.99 Regular Price
$8.99Sale Price

spring sale

The Colossus is the first Innova driver in the speed 14 category. This ultra fast distance driver has potential to provide even more distance for those with big arms, but is understable enough that it can be handled by the masses. 

GStar is a fantastic ultra premium plastic blend by Innova. The plastic offers a unique metallic shine that not only looks good, but it is also incredibly grippy and flexible (you can literally fold a GStar disc). This plastic blend is especially recommended for playing disc golf when it's cold outside. 

Factory Seconds are cosmetically flawed discs that did not meet our quality standards for regular production. The flaws do not affect flight characteristics or durability of the disc. 

Speed: 14.0
Glide: 5.0
Turn: -2.0
Fade: 3.0
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