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Axiom Watermelon Umbrella

Axiom Watermelon Umbrella

SKU: 0843255109124

spring sale

This item is a presale.

As soon as MVP distributes the umbrellas, OoBDG will fulfill your order! We believe that it will be within 5-6 weeks of ordering. Updates will be provided by OoBDG if the time period becomes longer! Presale items are non-cancellable.


If you purchase other items with this presale item, they will ship together when the presale items ship!


Whether you’re trying to avoid rain or the sun, Axiom has you covered with our Watermelon Edition Umbrella! Watermelon fans everywhere will be looking for this to complete their melon ensemble, and what better way to avoid the elements than to take shelter in your own melon patch. With a huge 68” coverage, a lightweight and durable build, and a carbon fiber pole with reinforced arms; showcase your style with the Watermelon Edition Umbrella today.

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