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Dynamic Discs Lucid eMac Truth Gold Stamp 178g

Dynamic Discs Lucid eMac Truth Gold Stamp 178g

SKU: 4310040

The EMac Truth is a overstable mid range disc designed to offer a more stable flight than the regular Truth mid range driver. This version of the disc is Eric McCabe's signature disc, and was designed to his specifications. This disc will hold any line you give it, and is often used as a very effective upshot driver. Offering a predictable fade but a long flight with its high glide, this disc holds true every time you throw it.


Dynamic Discs Lucid plastic is a beautiful clear durable blend. DD describes Lucid like this: The perfect combination of polymers produce some of the most beautiful and durable plastic in disc golf. This translucent blend can take a beating and maintain the original flight characteristics of the disc for many rounds of disc golf.


Speed: 5.0 Glide: 5.0 Turn: 0.0 Fade: 2.0

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